Thursday, November 4

My Best J.Crew Impersonation

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shirt-old navy, skirt-goodwill, blazer-j.crew, boots-zigi soho via dsw, tights-gap

Tweed. check.
Blazer with rolled cuffs. check.
Kitschy tights. check.
Casual Tee. check.
Layered jewlery. check.

Call J.Crew, I stole their look. Except, my tweed only cost $4.50. In your face Sunnie Pencil Skirt.
In all seriousness, I wasn't actually wearing this exact outfit when I left for work yesterday. The skirt, boots, and tights-yes, the shirt and blazer- not so much. I thought of tweed skirt 2.0 in the car as I was driving in the morning. I hate when that happens. It's not that what I wore was bad or anything, it's just after I thought of the outfit I really wanted to wear it. So I came home and changed into this for pictures and dinner. Ha. Maybe next time I will wear it for a full day.

On a personal note I'm freaking out right now. By the time you read this I will have had my dentist appointment already, but I'm currently dreading it. I have a a baby tooth that has been shaved down and built up with molding (a temporary fix, that has lasted longer then anyone thought) to be the same size as the others. Well, over the weekend some of the molding just brooke off! I've been in some pain and I'm worried about what the fix will be. Partly because I hate dentists but mostly because I don't want to spend a lot of money to fix my tooth! Haha. I think I've hit the rock bottom of cheap. I'm willing to spend serious money on clothes. But my teeth? Nah.



  1. Yay, kuddos to you for whipping up a J. Crew look for a fraction of the cost, love that skirt by the way!

  2. really cute!! seriously love the skirt, great find!!

  3. This look is far better than any $500 look JCrew can offer!
    Hope the dentist wasn't too awful. I once had to get four (I think) shots of novacaine before they sent me home because it just wouldn't take. Ouch.

  4. great blog! hope you will become a follower of my blog too?

  5. I love this J. Crew style- def looks authentic!

  6. You look tres chic! Love that skirt.

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