Monday, November 8

Bringing Home Baby

leopard and layers (2)

leopard and layers (4)

leopard and layers (7)

leopard and layers (3)
blazer-j.crew, cascade blouse & jean leggings-gap, heels-target

Before I get to the meat of this post I just want to say one thing.. BRRR. It felt like winter this weekend and I am not a fan. What happened to fall? End scene.

Lately, oversize/flowy shirts and me have been a match made in heaven. They are the perfect companion for my ever expanding collection of blazers and skinny jeans. Let's just hope skinny jeans do not go the way of home values any time soon, or else I am in real trouble my friends. This shirt in particular was the latest addition to my closet. I found her tucked away on the clearance rack during an impromptu visit to Gap on Saturday. $14.95 was an offer I could not refuse. The shirt is quite sheer and feminine, much different then most of the shirts I wear but I knew it was meant to be as soon as I saw her.

Some people may call that compulsive, or even impulsive. I call it fate.

After bringing her home I immediately styled her three or four times and told her she was pretty. The others  in my closet are a little jealous but they will adjust. It's all part of being a family.


  1. Just don't start giving her a bigger allowance or the others may revolt. :)

    You look awesome in this!

  2. Lovely- she is meant to be the spoiled one.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. She is pretty! I am loving flowy dressy tops as well, they are so versatile...Dressed up with Black pants or down with skinny jeans. Love them! I have one on today. You can see it tonigth when I post my outfit :) I actually think I am gravitating more to flowy tops nowadays...not complaining though :)

  4. I love her! haha And what a great deal too, for sure it was fate :)

  5. Oooooooo, this is one of my most favorite looks on you! What a fantastic deal on that beautiful top.


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