Tuesday, November 9

A Tale of Procrastination


Oh Procrastination, we've had a lot of good times together. Remember that one time when I put off getting my oil changed until it hit 7,000 miles?  What about that time that I waited until Christmas Eve to buy everyone's Christmas gifts? Or all those other times I spent they day wandering aimlessly through the internet when I should have been studying? Those were the good ol'days. Others had warned me about your toxic nature but I stuck by you nonetheless. 

Now here I am, with an abscessed tooth that needs to be removed by an oral surgeon and replaced with a bridge. For shame.
I think I've finally learned my lesson about procrastination and it is a crappy one. At first glance an abscessed tooth sounds like nothing I can control. But to be fair to my dentist, she has recommended that I have said tooth removed since I started seeing her three years ago. I'm a big baby though when it comes to my teeth and used the excuse " I didn't have the money" to cover up the fact that I just was scared to have it done. Now I have no choice but to go forward with dental work that will cost me at least $1200 with little time to save for it.

So while the consequences of procrastination may not always be easy to quantify, believe me, procrastination will make you pay one way or another.

ps. If you are thinking about putting off holiday shopping, it's a no no. According to an article in the Baltimore Sun retailers will be rolling out their best deals early (even before Black Friday) to compete for precious consumer dollars!

pps. Don't forget to contribute to your 401k! I see you.


  1. Grace,

    This is going to sound weird but, do you HAVE to get a bridge put in? I only say this because I'm missing a tooth (my boyfriend calls my hillbilly because of that but whatever). Its just one of my back molars and I've been able to survive just fine without it.

    And I will say this... whatever your decision is, one the tooth is pulled... you are going to feel a LOT better. I had a tooth break because of a filling I had in one of my molars (and I think some chiclets gum). I was in so much pain and without dental insurance, so I just had it pulled ($250, that was all). Immediately after the tooth was pulled, I felt relief. It sucks but its worth it lady.

  2. do you have a HSA or FSA? I'm partial to the HSA with the high deductible, but that's my lifestyle.

    It's literally saved me when my bank account was drained and there were medical expenses to pay for. You should see if you work offers it

  3. Good luck with your tooth!

    I definitely already started my Christmas shopping and am tracking everything in my color coded crazy Excel spreadsheet... yup, I'm a nerd


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