Sunday, November 14

Truth or Dare


I've been on a personal finance bender this last week.
So far I've rolled over my old 401k to an IRA, reacquainted myself with Mint, and gave up Saturday dinners out to save some extra money.

With all of that going on in addition to work and school I've had little time to blog. So I decided to break my "no blogging on weekends" rule to bring you a a little round-up of what's been keeping me busy this last week or so. Enjoy!

Punch Debt in the Face: Things I Want to Punch in the Face Baby Worshippers, and Cats.  If you haven't noticed from all the times I've linked to it, I love this blog. The writer is as hilarious as he is insightful.

Blonde and Balanced: Some Thoughts on Shopping Spending. Amber taps into some feelings and thoughts I'm all too familiar with.

Budgets are Sexy: Don't Put Yourself in the Situation. Similar to Amber's post, a funny reminder our life is what we make of it.

Dramatis Personae: Finance & the Fashion Blogger: Fighting the Addictive Feeling. I love Ashe's posts from her "Finance & the Fashion Blogger" series. It's the dark side of being a fashion blogger, owning up to the reality of limited finances, and dealing with the need to shop.

Grit & Glamour: Why I'm Not on Weardrobe, Chictopia, Lookbook, or Hypeed. I was already on the fence regarding my own involvement with these sites (because they are nothing more then a time suck) when this intelligent post from V convinced me that not only are they a time suck, but idealist.

oh an of course the December J.Crew catalogue.

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