Tuesday, December 21

Fashion Gives Back

Alyson had a great idea on Friday and I am so excited she asked me to be apart of it.
Her idea was to (and I quote)  "take time to remember that we are so incredibly fortunate to have loved ones and to also remember to spread that love to others"

As the holiday's have become increasingly about consumption in recent years it's easy to forget about those groups that don't have shiny new shoes or earrings to offer in exchange for our dollars.  That's why as a group, myself and some other bloggers, decided to make today an official "Give Back" day.

What does that mean?
It means whatever your cause, whether it is the local soup kitchen, animal shelter, or AIDS relief in Africa give what you can. You don't have to have all the money in the world to make a difference. Instead of buying that new sequin top or super skinny jeans, take the money you would have spent and put it towards your favorite charity. That's how easy giving is.

My Cause
This year in lieu of exchanging gifts, SSF and I have decided to make a small donation to Last Chance Animal Rescue Inc. .

As you probably already know, SSF and I, are crazy cat people. We have three little fuzzbuckets that were all adopted. Dolce and Gabanna (the boys) were adopted through an organization in Michigan and Chloe through Last Chance.

Last Chance is a no-kill shelter whose mission is to "minimize the euthanasia of homeless pets through both adoption and providing low-cost, high-quality spay/neuter for both dogs and cats." Last Chance not only rescues animals from the streets, but also other shelters in the Baltimore/DC area that put down animals after a certain length of time.

I chose Last Chance because being able to provide a loving home for 3 cats of my own makes me wish I could provide one for all the abandoned animals in the world(except for anything scaly, ick). It's hurts my heart when I see strays anywhere, even on vacation. It makes me angry when I hear my neighbor's cat howling because they've left him outside, in the cold, again.  Even more importantly, Last Chance works locally in Baltimore, a city that in recent years has become synonymous with animal cruelty.
It doesn't take much to make a difference.
According to Last Chance $5 will pay for the first round of vaccinations for a kitten.
$10 will provide two cats with testing for feline diseases.
$25 will cover the round of shots needed by a cat before they can be adopted.
Or it could be as easy as volunteering your time.

Not sure where to give? If you are an animal lover check out Last Chance, or a local (no-kill)animal shelter. You can often make a donation in time, supplies, or plain old cash. If your not, check out the some of the other lovely ladies involved and see how they are supporting their charities of choice (there are a few other animal lovers in the bunch).

Merl of Clyde's Rebirth gave to a few local shelters where she has received her famous cats, Clyde and Mo.

This is one purchase were buyer's remorse need not apply.

On a somewhat similar note, if you are a cat hater watch this video.
You cannot hate cats after this.

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  1. My cat used to play fetch like this. He did it for a couple of years when I first got him and then he just stopped. I guess he decided he was too old for that game anymore.


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