Monday, December 20

Whats Yours is Mine

yours is mine (10)

yours is mine (3)

yours is mine (4)

yours is mine (11)
shirt (mine): Gap; shirt (his): j.crew pants c/o: Lands End Canvas; shoes: Aldo; hat (ssf's): Under Armour

"What's yours is mine, what's mine is mine"

That's the rule around this household. It works out pretty nicely for me, especially since for the last couple weeks I've been having a moment with SSF's side of the closet (as demonstrated here and here). Usually it's just the shirts, but today I added the hat for good measure, and because it was cold outside. Lord knows a heavy jacket doesn't really go with this outfit.

  Yeah, I do realize I look silly wearing my SSF's hat and jacket inside. I had SSF chauffeur me over to Borders today so I could pick up my very first bridal magazines (eeeeee!) so this is how I looked to most people. I didn't want you to miss that experience.  Before that I was in my pj's until 3 writing papers.

On another note: These Lands' End Canvas riding pants (here) I'm wearing are amazing, and currently on sale for $34.99 making them totally worth it. If you are looking for a good time, that doesn't not come with a side of "wtf happened last night".. buy now


  1. I really love the shirt/blouse combo! super pretty!

    Also, in our house hold generally the rule is 'Whats yours is mine and whats mine is mine too...sorry hun...'

    Think that's why he is all hoodies and skate shoes!

  2. this is a great combination, and i'm especially in love with your light grey leather jacket! and the green belt. splendid.
    also, i'm glad someone else has that rule in their household. i discussed that same thing last week on my blog...wanna stop by? c'mon, it'll be fun. or, at least, only mildly annoying. :)
    either way, have a wonderful week!


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