Thursday, December 16

First Thoughts

I have a little confession, although I've been told many a time to enjoy being engaged, I can't help but look around for wedding inspiration. I'm not the girl that has had her ideal wedding planned since birth so now the prospect of planning one has my head spinning (and it's only been 4 days, 4 amazing days.)

I've spent a lot of time these last 4 days on a wedding blog, Style Me Pretty (thanks Nancy). It's completely addicting and enthralling to look through the pictures of so many real, amazing, weddings.

Looking through so many pictures can be overwhelming and confusing, so I've started bookmarking some of my favorites, only the ones that really speak to me or what SSF and I are as a couple. Here are some of my favorites.

all pictures from style me pretty

I just want to soak in as much inspiration as possible for the next couple months before it comes time to start making so tough choices.

In the meantime, if you have an advice, thoughts, ideas, sources of inspiration... lay them on me. I need all the help I can get.


  1. Check out Real Simple Weddings magazine and Etsy's Wedding section for ideas. That is where I am getting a lot of my ideas! Have fun planning!

  2. yay, glad you love the site. Today's blog posting is "engaged, now what?"

    Here is another one:

    Every Last Detail has more links to articles while SMP is more wedding pictures galore.

    And, for the record - my engaged cousin has passed these to me.

  3. PS: I love the blue shoes picture

  4. BTW - I also heard that if you scavvange wedding websites -- take note to the poses, locations, arrangement that you like. That type of inspiration helps the photographer know where and how to shoot.

  5. I'm not even engaged yet and I scour style me pretty daily. there are so many neat ideas that make me think, hey! I could make those for super cheap!
    .... now I'm just waiting on a ring haha.

  6. Yay.. I can't wait for you to start posting about your choices for your wedding. I am slowly but surely creepin up the engagement tree as well LOL

  7. Here's two pages that I enjoy: (There's a book, too, which I haven't read, and I think the page is quite good by itself - addictive though) (For inspiration, advice, and sanity. Also addictive.)

    I spent a few weeks this year endlessly surfing these sites, even though I'm not engaged or anything, just because they were so pretty and happy and full of good (relationship) advice. I'm sure you'll enjoy them. :)

  8. When I was planning my wedding I borrowed tons of books from my local library and it saved me so much money. There were lots of books about planning on a budget and I got some really useful tips. I did indulge in buying wedding magazines but I passed those along to another bride after I got married and I do not regret not buying all those wedding books.

    Also I did not buy a wedding planner book. I just used a 3 ring binder I already had and kept all my notes, contracts and other things in it.

  9. congratulations!
    I'm so glad someone else beat me to the punch recommending A Practical Wedding. Seriously, if you want help keeping a level head (especially in the money realm) that is where you want to be. an amazing community of fierce women. I'm almost 2 months away from my own wedding (eek!) and it has really helped prevent me from freakouts on any level.


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