Monday, January 24

Bring on AARP and Early Bird Dinners

Shirt: Old Navy $7
Swater: J.Crew Outlet $40
Jeans: Gap $45
Boots: DSW $50
Scarf: American Eagle $6
Total Outfit: $148

I know I'm looking way ahead but I think SSF and I are going to make great senior citizens. Just look at the facts:

-We wake up at like 5 am during the week, and by 7 on the weekends.
-We are known to have early dinners from time to time (probably because of the whole waking up at 5 thing)
-We love going to casino's in the middle of the day.
-We love any excuse to get a discount.

See, senior citizens!

Speaking of casinos that is where we went on Saturday. They finally legalized slots in Maryland a year or so ago so we don't have to drive to West Virginia anymore. I know, I'm a big ball of contradiction. I blog like crazy about saving and playing off debt, and then I go and gamble. Oh well, I like the thrill of winning. I did not win big, I did however leave with more money then I went with so we'll call that a victory.
How was your weekend?

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