Thursday, January 20

Best Way to Save Money on Clothes

1.16 (2)
1.16 (11)
1.16 (7)
1.16 (6)
Blazer: Gap $40
T-shirt: Old Navy $5
Jeans: Old Navy $34
Boots: Forever 21 $29
Scarf: J.Crew $10
Total Outfit: $118

There is something about these black wash jeans that screams "wear me with navy and white". Seriously. I basically took the bottom half of this outfit, switched out the shoes, added a v-neck tee, a blazer, a scarf and bam. Same outfit, only different.

I've had these jeans for a couple of years now and just recently re-discovered them. Don't you love when that happens? They have survived so many closet clean outs. I don't know why I kept holding onto them, but I did and it was totally worth it. Did you ever have anything that you didn't wear for awhile, only to become re-enamoured with it and wear it all the time? (I've worn these jeans twice already this week!). It's like the cheapest shopping trip ever, that doesn't involve going anywear.

I loved reading all your comments yesterday. I honestly wasn't expecting so much feedback, I was kind of blown away. So thank you. Oh and on that note all the comments from Monday. I haven't had a chance to visit all the recomennded sites, but I am working on it, and am super-excited about my bedroom reno.

Anyway, just one more thing. Last time I wore this necklace, Jessi asked me where it was from. So Jessi, to answer your question it is from Delicate Raymond. SSF bought it for me about two years ago. I had trouble finding it on the site, but the one I've linked too is the basically the same, the chain is different a little. I am such a sucker of initial jewelry. When I was little I used to hate my name because it was different [this was the 90's people] but now I relish in that same fact [although gaining popularity]. I would wear my name every wear if possible. Instead I settle for just an initial on a pendant, on my necklace. (Coincidentally another item I have recently re-discovered)

Best way to save money on clothes? Shop your closet.

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