Monday, January 17

Help Me, Please? I'll Be Your Friend.

What better way to celebrate MLK day then to talk home decor? Right? Maybe?
Yeah it's slightly off topic from my usual personal finance and outfit posts but it's been a subject that has been basically consuming SSF and I lately. The trip to Ikea we took yesterday only fed the beast.

Even with everything that's going on around here (i.e. paying off credit cards, saving for a wedding etc) we are still hoping to squeeze in a few, nay fourteen, around the house projects over the next year or two. They run the gamut from replacing the old, painted on hinges (super cheap and easy) to updating the kitchen and bathrooms (aka not so cheap and easy). We're not quite sure what order those things will come in but have pretty much decided that our first project will be to re-do our bedroom. Don't get me wrong, our bedroom is nice, but it's basically been decorated the same way for the last [almost] four years. We need a change.
Changes like...
these walls

these sheets

and this wall art

We are both currently obsessed with gray bedrooms, which made our narrowing down choice of paint relatively easy. The rest is still up in the air. I'd like to change out the linens, put up curtains, and add some wall art all for under $250. But I need some serious help. While I can be a pretty savvy shopper when it comes to clothes I'm not as good when it comes to home decor. What about you? Do you have some great decorating, shopping, savings tips? If so, I'd love to hear them. Share what you've got in the comments below.

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