Thursday, February 3

Outfit Post!

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Now that I lured you here under the false pretense of outfit photos, In the last few weeks  I've been tagged by Samantha, Lindsey, and Melrose (thank you ladies!)to share 7 random facts about myself. I usually hesitate when it comes to doing these kinds of posts, but what the hell. Let's just get weird.

1. I have two stuffed dogs that reside in my guest room, their names are "A Tarantula" and "Assassin Spider".

2. I don't use any condiments on my cheeseburgers. Just cheese, meat, and a bun please.

3. Speaking of food, I try to avoid Twizzlers because when I buy them, I eat the whole bag-- and I'm not talking those small bags at the front of Rite-Aid, I mean the family size ones that you find in the candy aisle, or Costco.

4. My undergrad degree is in Political Science, and I am about 2 classes short of a second BA in Marketing.

5. SSF recently pointed out to me that I sing the words to every song, whether I like the song or not, and on the rare occasions I don't know the words I hum.

6. When I was in high school what passed as fashion for me was a "wife beater" (or for the politically correct, a-shirt), black or khaki pants, and adidas slides alternately referred to as "flops". I was meat-head jock, I didn't know any better back then.
7. When I was in college my best friend/roommate and I would have full-on photo sessions after nights at the bar. One of my favorites was the night I found a giant stick on the walk home and modeled with it.

Moustache, before it was mainstream

Bass Guitar

And of course, Samarouri Sword (we were obsessed with Kill Bill)

That's it, now you know and it's up to you to decide if you want to continue reading my blog. (I hope you do) Instead of tagging a bunch of bloggers how about all of you get weird right here in the comments. I want to hear 7 random things about you guys. Like now.

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