Monday, February 7

Scouting Report

I was feeling sweatpants and a hoody more than outfit pictures this weekend. I think that makes me a poor style blogger but I don't regret it. Sometimes you just need a weekend off. Right? It kind of goes without saying, but no outfit pictures today. [sad face]. What I do have for you is well, my shopping list[Yaay!]. As I've been creeping closer to [credit card] debt freedom I've been thinking about items I want to add to my closet. I have some holes to fill and will have a little cap space to do it so I've been scouting items online and think I have found some good prospects.

First up: Dresses
Dresses and skirts are a big opportunity for my closet. I'm a self-stated pants person but still believe there is room in my closest for a few casual dresses. I'm in love with this green number from Urban Outfitters ($70)

The ties waist and inset necklines make this dress for me. It would be so versatile. I've already styled it at least 5 ways in my mind.

My second choice would be this one from Madewell. ($115)

I love the print and neutral colors, plus the fact that it is sleeveless makes it perfect for late spring to summer.

Also on my radar: Shoes

My shoes closet has been pared down to bare bones but in order to make this an all-star closet I need to bite the bullet and pull in some aces.

First and foremost, another draft from Urban Outfitters, the suede pump.

I've seen them on other bloggers in many colors. I'm convinced they are the perfect shoe.

My backup would be these desert boots from Aldo (via Zappos) $68

No Such Thing as too Much

While these items I don't necessarily need, I would love to have in the system in case I need to call them up on short notice.

 This button-down from J.Crew ($78) is a great alternative to an everyday shirt.

It's super casual and the asymetrical ruffles add visual interest.

Finally, I love this weekender from Need Supply Co.($72). It just is the icing on the cake to my decidedly neutral palette.

So that's it, this is what I spent my weekend doing. This and well eating Superbowl treats. How was your weekend? What about Spring? Have you given any thought to your spring additions? Are you still scouting or have you already gone out and signed some big names?

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