Tuesday, February 1

When Life Happens...

No no no, i'm just kidding, don't do that.

Since this blog is about full disclosure, I thought I should give you guys the scoop on the fact that I bought a laptop this weekend. I'm honestly suprised I didn't get a "WTF Grace, why are you buying laptops" comment yesterday. What's the deal? You guys are supposed to be keeping me honest. Sheesh.

Ok so the laptop, it is kind of one of those unexpected expenses, I've been half-expecting for awhile now. My computer has been acting up since Novemeber. It was kind of only a matter of time. The funny thing is SSF has a desktop and I have a laptop for work, but for some reason replacing my personal laptop was non-negotiable. I may have been able to put it off a little bit, but truth be told, you would never see me if I didn't have my own computer to blog from. Do you have any items that are "non-negotiable"? (I mean besides clothes.)

I ended up spending about $600 after tax, but got a mega sweet deal on the shelf model of this Toshiba. I am fortunate enough to be getting a hefty tax refund (thank you lifetime learning credit) that will cover the cost in full. I'm bummed that I won't be able to put that $600 in the wedding fund but it's something I'll just have to suck up and deal with. But the real question is what would I have done if my tax refund wasn't right around the corner? I mean, I don't exactly have an emergency fund to work from right now. Maybe next time it's my car, or some other unexpected "probably should have saved for this ahead of time for" expense. Maybe I should have thought of this before, but it looks like above all else (wedding, home improvements, etc) I need to put away a some money for my "just-in-case" fund. Or next time I will be having the above reaction.

Learn something new everyday.


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