Friday, March 11

New York In Pictures

Yesterday my best friend and I took a day trip up to NYC to try on my first wedding dresses at the J.Crew Bridal Boutique and Kleinfelds. We laughed, Jennifer cried, and we walked, and took tons of pictures when we could. It was a great day. The best of all though.. outside of my train ticket I only spent $30 on food and a random bottle of Essie nailpolish. Yeah, that's right. I went to New York and bought nailpolish. Impulse buys happen when you early for you departing train and are loitering around a drugstore.

(some of these pictures were taken with a cellphone so picture quality will vary)

NYC 2011 (3)

NYC 2011 (5)

NYC 2011 (8)

NYC 2011 (9)

NYC 2011- J.Crew Bridal

NYC 2011-J.Crew

NYC 2011 (16)

NYC 2011 (25)

NYC 2011 (26)

NYC 2011 (1)

NYC 2011- Kleinfeld

NYC 2011- Kleinfeld-Dresses

NYC 2011- Kleinfeld-Robe

NYC 2011- Dress

Have a good weekend!

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