Monday, March 14

Wedding Updates

First off, let me just say thank you for all the love on my last post. I wish I could have said thank you to each and every one one of you individually. It was seriously unreal to be putting on wedding dresses. Up until Thursday getting married was just a thing that was happening a long time from now. I hadn't even given much thought to it and then BAM, I'm standing in front of a Kleinfelds mirror in an amazing wedding dress. Totally surreal.

With that said, there were also some great questions raised that I wanted to answer.

Yes, I did find a dress that I am totally head over heels in love with. It wasn't pictured in the last post because you have to be very sneaky when snapping photos at Kleinfeld's and we just didn't have the opportunity to with that dress. I also don't want to dwell on it because the reality is that is costs $3200. I didn't exactly intend on spending that much money on a dress however it did make my best friend cry if that gives you any indication on how spectacular it is. Luckily, I have plenty of time to come to one of two conclusions.

a. find similiarly amazing dress
b. somehow raise $3200 for the one I tried on. (car wash anyone?)

As far as my budget is concerned there isn't really one yet. SSF and I decided that we are comfortable spending around $12,000 for the wedding (which includes the few items my parents have offered to pay for). The only problem is that since we are having it out of state we don't really know what to expect things to cost. So $12,000 is entirely unfounded. We are heading down to the Outerbanks in April and meeting with a few planners to understanding the wedding scene a little better.

I'm crazy excited for the trip but until then I am basically in a holding pattern as far as wedding planning goes.

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