Thursday, March 3

Obsession of the Week: Gym Bags

My love for the gym has been rekindled as of late. I've been cramming in a workout whenever I have the chance. Since my gym and my office are in the same building most days I am lugging an extra bag with gym clothes or work clothes along with me. Hmmm, sounds like what I need is a new gym bag. (and maybe that Michigan State sports bra from Victoria's Secret Pink).

obsession of the week: gym bags

I'm so glad that fashion has finally found its way into the gym. How freaking cute and spacious are these bags? The Under Armour one even comes with a lined pocket safe for you hot straightner or curling iron. I may not have the funds to upgrade my gym clothes, but at least I'll have something cute to stash my smelly clothes in.
also pictured: Stella McCartney for Adidas

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