Monday, March 21

True That, Double True

more black (4)

more black (7)

more black (9)

tank: target, cardigan and jeans: old navy, shoes: can't recall, necklace: martin and osa

How was your weekend? Mine was too short and I spent more time then I prefer driving through Delaware. I hate Deleware. Delaware thinks its soo great because it was the first state and there is no sales tax but the only reason they get away with that is because they charge you $4 dollars to both enter and exit the state. Who does Delaware think it is any way? I mean as if the price of gas wasn't already a kick in the pants on a trip to Philly. Ok, sorry that was a little rant I had all built up from Sunday. I'm done now.

This outfit is from Saturday though. I don't know if I told you this before but when I like a look, I tend to repeat it a few times just to really hammer home how much I like it. Case in point: black on black. Last week it was a black shirt and cardigan combo, this week jeans and a tank. What can I say? I'm a creature of habit. How else would you explain the fact that I basically live in denim. Maybe I should buy a pair of pajama jeans and wear them to bed.

Speaking of jeans, if you are looking for new ones (like I am constantly) check out Old Navy's clearance section. They have tons on sale for like $11 or $12. That's where I got the ones above and the ones from last week.

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