Sunday, April 3

Popping in for a Sunday Review

As a Lucky Magazine Alpha Shopper I occasionally get the opportunity to try out new products and merchandise. My favorite part about it is when the package shows up at the front door. I almost always get the stare of death from SSF, followed by a "What did you buy now". Then I get to tell him it was free and everything is all good.

Anyway, say hello to the Paula (hi Paula) courtesy of Baby Phat and Lucky Magazine.

Source: via Grace on Pinterest

I really love the desgin of these shoes, they have some really great details including the studded platform, the peeptoe and the buckle. I wore them out on a dinner date with SSF one night. My outfit for the most part was casual, but I wore the shoes to dress it up a little. You know, got to keep things interesting....


I wanted to wear these to my friends bachlorette party in month but sadly I couldn't even make it through the date night in these shoes (which literally involved dinner and a trip to Barnes & Noble). The faux leather upper didn't breathe leaving my feet feeling sweaty. I also thought that that the platform would take away the difficulty of walking in a 4.5 inch heel--I thought wrong. My feet were aching after the shakey walk from the parking lot to the bar. I always hate giving a negative review but for a price point of $69 I think they could have done a better job with the materials.

Overall: I would give these shoes a 5/10. They look great on, just don't do a lot of standing, walking, dancing, or moving while in them.

Just for fun (and because I didn't have enough good pictures to do a full outfit post), here is the top half of that outfit.


Disclaimer: I didn't not receive any monetary payment in exchange for this review. The thoughts and opinions shared are only my own.

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