Friday, May 20

Crazy or Brilliant: Foraging for your Dinner

That's right, I'm bringing back the crazy-brilliant scale, this time it's for the next big movement in food: foraging for "wild" greens. Yes, I do mean picking stuff up on the ground and eating it. I first heard about this movement from a short story on NPR that involved a journalist and Sam Thayer, an urban forager trolling the streets of D.C for a bite to eat. At first I thought this had to be a joke, but turns out there are entire websites dedicated to teaching people the art of foraging and detailed information as to what "weeds" are edible.

Now that this is officially legitimate, it's time to decide. Crazy or Brilliant.


1. Free food! Forget extreme couponing, the is 100% free food, and healthy food no less. Free food=saving money.
2. No waiting. If you are hungry just head outside and find yourself some chickweed, prickly lettuce, or even a dandelion.
3. If organics are your thing, this is a close to pure as you will ever get.

1. You're picking "greens" off the street and eating them.
2. How do you know a dog has never, ever, peed there.
3. Back to that part where you are eating food off the street....

I'm sorry Sam and you other foragers out there (ahem, "Wildman") no offense, but my vote is for crazy, that sort of thing is just not in my blood.
What do you guys think?

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