Friday, April 8

Extreme Couponing: Crazy or Brilliant?

You better believe that SSF and I watched the season premier of "Extreme Couponing" (click with caution:this link starts a video) Wednesday night on TLC. How could we not these women are saving hundreds of dollars at the grocery store and more importantly spending unbelievably low amounts to do it! The constant commercials leading up to the event were enough to draw us in. It's incredible the amount of money these women save.

After it was said and done, the only question I had was: What do you need 77 bottles of yellow mustard for?

While I love their clever approach to saving money, on the crazy-brilliant scale I'm going to have to say it's a lot more crazy than brilliant.


The women featured on the show were not only extreme couponers but stockpilers(hoarders even?). They had rooms dedicated to the groceries they purchased full of food, cleaning supplies, paper goods, and soap. Is that really the way to live? Yes, they were saving money but they were also buying a hodge-podge of items that you wouldn't necessarily find on one shopping list. For example, one woman brought home an electic mix of cereal, mustard(77 bottle), cold cuts (40 packs of them), yogart, and fruit cups. That's it. My problem with the whole thing is that instead of going on a big shopping trip, saving a bunch of money, and then not shopping for awhile these women made 4 trips a week to the grocery store. They wiped out entire shelves of product, built their own personal grocery store, and then kept going back for more. I love a good deal but I don't think I am willing to go to this extreme to get it.

What are your thoughts? Did you see the show? Are you an extreme couponer? Do tell.

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