Monday, April 11

Just Peachy

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jacket: gap; tunic: j.crew; tank: h&m; jeans: martin & osa; shoes: piperlime

I have to admit this outfit came together better than I ever imagined. I literally threw it together last Wednesday as I was trying to shuffle myself out the door in the morning. I'm not quite certain, but hell could have frozen over.
I bought this peach tank from H&M on a whim a couple weeks ok. I instantly regretted it thinking I would never figure out how to wear it. Boo-yah, less than 2 weeks later. I love how it just pops with the neutrals in my outfit. Pardon my wonky eye though, I guess it's not just me that's lazy....(too far?)

I feel like this is the first weekend i've been able to catch up on and dare I say get ahead of things. I cleaned up my files, the blog and I've been I'm thinking about doing a "shop my closet" post. Would anyone be interested in something like that? I've tried it before with miserable results. I feel like I was just doing it to be greedy. This time around I want to do it right. If you guys are into it I will half donate 50% of the proceeds to Last Chance Animal Rescue (it's kitten season you know?). Does that make it a little more interesting. I want to know your thoughts. Any other bloggers interested in contributing? Maybe we could do a little blogger flea market around the web.

Seriously what do you think? I want to know. Oh an how was your weekend?

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