Thursday, April 14

Would You Turn Your House into a Billboard?

Adzookie Paint My House

One of my good friends informed me about this interesting opportunity.(That's you Nancy)

There is a company called that will pay your mortgage for each month you agree to have a billboard painted on it (minimum 3 months). They will even do the painting, both to turn it into a billboard and turn it back to it's original condition.

The only question remains is, would you do it?

My answer... only hell yes. Sure it looks completely ridiculous and people would probably stare, but how could I turn down an extra $1600 in my pocket every month that I could use for the wedding, paying down my student loans/car or just building an emergency fund. I was practically salivating at the idea.

Alas, SSF and I live in a quiet little neighborhood under the iron fist of an HOA.

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