Thursday, May 5

Practice What Your Preach

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skirt: fossil; tank top: target; blazer: j.crew outlet; shoes: steve madden via dsw.

Sometimes I feel like I talk a good talk, but being a good (finance) blogger is more about walking the walk. This is the outfit I wore to my friend's bachlorette party in Philly last weekend (just with less make-up).

The old me probably would have gone out and bought a whole new outfit that she couldn't afford for one night of dancing. I mean, how do I have fun if I'm not in a whole new outfit? Instead I went with SSF's voice of reason inside my I bought one special piece (the skirt, on sale for $20) and paired it with items I already had in my closet. Turn's out it wasn't so bad. In fact it was better. I had more money to spend on things that mattered that night... wine and food.

This is a new progression for me. I feel like I've matured from just the mindset of paying off debt. While that is still a top priority, I'm also breaking down some of my old habits that lead me to spend money.

What old habits have broken or need to break?

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