Monday, May 2

Bachlorette Party: Before

before (9)

before (15)

before (3)
dress: gap, blazer: j.crew outlet; sandals & scarf: old navy

This weekend was my best friends bachlorette party and let me tell you, it was awesome. The only bad part about it was that I had to do two things I hate: Wake up early on Saturday to go grocery shopping and plan outfits for the duration of the weekend. While neither of those is really a big deal, I am the worst at planning ahead. I'm so accustomed to dressing based on how I am feeling that I get all frazzled when I have to pack for anything whether it is a day or a week or even a few hours. My M.O. is to pack a bag that is exploding with clothes and only where a fraction of it.

Since Saturday-day involved grocery shopping, a two hour car drive, and pregaming getting ready in a hotel room I went for comfort (without resorting to sweatpants).I've worn this maxi/scarf combination before because I love the contrast in color.  There are some that would argue scarves are no longer "fashionable", I whole-heartedly disagree. They are the perfect accessory almost always.

Stay-tuned for the during and after shots later this week. I think I did a pretty good job of mixing and matching some items shown here all weekend long and I'm pretty excited to share them with you. I'm sure you are just as excited as I am......

How was your weekend?

side note: I was too lazy to take these pictures on Saturday before I left so I took them yesterday along with the after shots. So I guess technically they are both "after" (the debauchery) shots. Technically.

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