Sunday, June 12

Coupon Sunday: Organics

After my inaugural coupon post last week I got a lot of comments from readers that want to coupon but prefer to shop organic. I totally hear you. I personally would love to eat more organic foods, but since I share a household with SSF, who sees food as food, I often must compromise. Which means the only time I can buy organic is if I can get it at a lower price than it's non-organic counterpart. However, buying organic and couponing do not have to be mutually exclusive thanks to some great websites I've hunted down (accidentally found) just for you guys.

So without further adieu:

Mambo Sprouts: by far the best resource I've found. This site offers a variety of coupons, both printable and in a newsletter while also providing product reviews and recipes. (See also: HeathESavers)

Money Saving Mom: a coupon website I frequent, that has a great round-up of organic deals that is easy to find, and updated often. In addition, make sure you check out her coupon database.  With the coupon database you can search for any product you want and it will give you a list of current print and printable coupons.

Whole Foods: if you don't do your shopping there already, I would definitely start (if you have one locally). Whole Foods has their own dedicated coupons that you can pick-up in their monthly newsletter or print from their website.

Seventh Generation: the big player in organic cleaning has coupons available on their site if you join.
In addition, check the website or the facebook page of your favorite organic brands, most offer coupons when you sign-up for their newsletter. You can see a pretty comprehensive list of brands that do here.

And of course don't forget to check the good ol' Sunday paper for coupons, or online for their electronic counterparts. Sometimes they can be few and far between, but coupons for organic foods do exist! yay!

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