Monday, June 13

Adventures in Pink and Coral and Lilac...

adventures in pinks (7)

adventures in pinks (14)

adventures in pinks (3)
tank: j.crew; jacket: gap outlet; sandals: target; shorts: "diy"ed from an old pair
shop: denim shorts

If there was such a thing as clothing taste buds and they changed as often as you know, taste buds, I think that would be the best way to explain what I'm going through right now. There is a style revolution, if you will, happening in my closet, and I like it. I've never been so excited about pinks, oranges, and lilacs in my life. It started with coral and melon colored nails and has made it's way to my clothing. I do have my limits though. while I like the little pop of girly, I prefer to pair it with more structured pieces. It helps me keep my edge, if in fact I have one.

I picked this tank up from J.Crew on Saturday along with a few other things (both planned and unplanned purchases) and I learned a very important lesson about shopping J. Crew (or most retailers) after linking to the item on their website. Always check the store price before buying online.

Why? Well aside from their outrageous shipping charges, this tank was $10 cheaper in person ($14.99) than online ($24.99). Stores only have finite amount of space to house items on the sales floor, which means depending how often new product arrives markdowns can be swifter and deeper to facilitate sales and clear the floor. Selling floor capacity is a  constraint virtual business do not face, therefore they have the ability to take smaller cuts at a slower rate and get the most out of their margin.

Remember that next time you think you spot a "deal" online.

Did you have a good weekend?

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