Tuesday, July 19

Welcome Back

welcome back wedges (7)

welcome back wedges (3)

welcome back wedges (12)
shirt&belt: j.crew; shorts: from old gap jeans; vest: kohls, shoes: aldo

I've been missing heels in my life lately. My workplace is so casual that there is just so incentive to wear them. ever. It's actually kind of shameful how often I default to flip flops considering I fancy my self a "style blogger" at times. This weekend I took it upon myself to re-introduce some height into my life. best decision ever. I forgot how much I love these shoes. They make my legs look great in all the right placed and don't make me feel over-dressed.

One thing I do not love.. bug bites. I've got 5 of them clustered around my ankle as a result of partaking in yard work this weekend. There is not enough benadryl in the world to calm my itching.

How was your weekend? I started class yesterday, so my weekend was like the end of my summer vacation. It was depressing. But on a the bright side, I think I will get back to a regular schedule of posting now that two nights of my week are consumed my class.

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