Sunday, July 17

Coupon Sunday: The Art of the Stack

Time out: is that worst graphic ever? Or is it just me?

Time in: Have you heard of the term "stacking" before? In couponing, it basically refers to the ability to use multiple coupons for one product (normally you can use just one coupon per item). Stores like Target, and most recently some grocery chains, offer their own set of coupons valid at only their stores. These "insert store here" only coupons can then be combined with a manufacturers coupon (valid at multiple stores) to increase, if not double your savings.

Pretty cool huh?

I didn't even know about stacking until I started couponing, but have since gotten some pretty good deals as a result. In my (limited) experience I've found that Target and my local Harris Teeters are the best places to land great deal via stacking. For example, I got a pack of  Olay Regenerist Cleaning Cloths for $0.99 (retail price $6.99) after stacking a $3.00 off 1 manufacturer's coupon and a $3.00 off 1 Harris Teeter "e-vic" coupon. In a separate trip to Target I was able to stack a target coupon for Energizer Lithium batteries with a manufacturer's coupon to save $4.00 off the sale price of $7.99. For all you ladies out there with battery sucking digital cameras you know that's a great deal.

Want to stack, but don't know where to start?

For stacking options at Target I would check out blogs like Totally Target or The Krazy Coupon Lady provide detailed posts of this weeks sales and corresponding coupons.

Grocery stores are a little different but once you confirm that they offer some kind of store coupon and that it can be stacked, the easiest way to reap the benefits is to keep an eye on the weekly specials and a list of the coupons available. That way it is easier to spot an stacking opportunities.

Have you stacked coupons before? Good ahead and brag, what was your best get with a stack?

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