Tuesday, July 12

Oh Hey, I Blog Sometimes

dress to skirt (2)

dress to skirt (8)

dress to skirt (7)
top: target; dress (worn as skirt): modcloth; sandals: j.crew; jacket: gap outlet

I'm just going to go right into this--I've been in kind of a funk the last couple weeks with my clothes. You know, that mid-summer boredom that comes along with 90+ degree days and the constant feeling of sticky. It kind of puts a damper on the whole getting dressed thing. In addition or maybe consequently, I've just been feeling a little ho-hum about my closet. I've been just letting myself fall back on my favorite items-- which isn't a bad thing, necessarily, it just doesn't make for good blogging.

But I'm back baby, and I brought my favorite dress from last summer. Except this time it's a skirt because I accidentially put it in the dryer and gave it the SSF treatment... (I shrunk it). It was already scandalouly short, and now it's "too close to knowing exactly what underwear I have on" short. (sidenote: I'm scared to know who will find my blog by searching "what underwear I have on")

It always rejuvantes me when I can find a new way to wear something I had almost given up hope on.
It sounds silly, but it's just another reminder that shopping does not need to rule me.

What gets you out of a clothing rut?

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