Tuesday, August 23

One Necklace, Two Ways

deco bolo necklace (10)

deco bolo necklace (13)

deco bolo necklace (20)
shirt:j.crew; shorts: diyed from an old pair of jeans; flippies:old navy; deco bolo necklace c/o jewelmint.

I've had the pleasure of working with Jewelmint in the past so when they approached me recently for another project I was not about to decline. The original idea was for me to style some Jewelmint pieces for both day and night. It sounded like so much fun, but with my hectic schedule these days there was no way I was going to pull that off in any kind of timely manner. So I called in reinforcements. The lovely Lynzy of Sparkling Footsteps.

We each got to pick one item to style, this is the deco-bolo necklace, Lynzy's pick. To be honest I was intimidated by this thing. I rattled my brain for days trying to decide what to wear it with. Then on Saturday, I was wearing these shorts and a black tank and decided to randomly throw on this plaid shirt and the necklace as I headed out to lunch with my family. (There is a life lesson in here somewhere...be patient?...don't try to force things?...good things come to those who wait?)

But you know what, I think it works. It's actually kind of silly how versatile this thing really is. Don't  you think? Now that I've worn it once I can see so many more possibilities. How would you style this necklace?

Here's a sneak peak how Lynzy did it. I must admit, I'm kind of coveting her pink pants. (I'm a pink convert thanks to all the cerise out there. ) Don't forget to head over to her blog to see her full post.
lynzy pic

Finally, if you haven't tried Jewelmint yet, now is the time, from now until next Tuesday they are offering my readers 50% off your first Jewelmint purchase, just enter MoneySmartFashion50 at checkout.

*Jewelmint is a members only jewelry club that provides members with exclusive jewelry from Kate Bosworth and Cher Colture. The membership fee is $29.99 per month which translates to one piece of jewelry. There is never an obligation to buy, memebers can opt out within the first 5 days of the month to avoid being charged a membership fee. I was not paid to provide my opinions or promote jewelmint. You can see my full disclosure policy here.

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