Tuesday, September 13





shirt, jeans, and belt: gap, sandals: old navy; bag; dooney & bourke. 

I was hoping to get a post together for today about how SSF and I have combined our finances, but thanks to a minor flood in my basement on Sunday, you will have to settle for just another outfit post.

To be honest I've been feeling kind of blah about outfit posts as of late, which is nothing new really, I go through these phases every now and again. This time feels different though. SSF and I don't naturally take a lot of pictures, even during special occasions or events. We both get so wrapped up in the moment we never think to document things which makes outfit pictures kind of feel a chore. I don't want anything about this blog to ever feel like a chore. You know?

I write because I enjoy it, I share pieces of myself because I like the connection it creates with others. As I mentioned on Friday, I started this blog with a different intention than the direction I'm currently heading. I wasn't planning on saying any of this, it all just kind of came out like word vomit, so I haven't really thought everything through. I don't know what course corrections are coming yet. But there may be some changes around here over the next few months as far as content goes. This doesn't mean we're breaking up--outfit posts, it just means we might see each other less often. I don't even know if that's true yet but I guess we will see.

If you have any thoughts on things you'd love to see me cover, I want to hear them.

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