Thursday, October 27


SSF and I took a field trip up to Gettysburg this past Saturday with about 60 other graduate students from my program. Strange, considering I study business but just go with it. The point of it was to make the connection between business and military strategy.

All that aside, just being there and walking the battlefield was unreal. I've never been on a battlefield, but being there and seeing how they fought, so close to one another, neither wanting to back down, makes me realize how privileged I am. It also reinforces my appreciation and respect for those that serve in the military today.

No history lesson today, just wanted to share some of the photos from my trip.

a North Carolina monument on the confederate line (sidenote: 1 in 4 fatalities were a North Carolina soldier)

also part of the North Carolina monument above

the view from the confederate line looking across the battlefield to where the union army stood

the Virginia Monument honoring Robert E. Lee that looks straight out across the battlefield to a similar monument of General Meade (of the Union Army)

the view from Little Round Top on the Union side 

a Pennsylvania monument on "The Angle", the site of Picketts Charge and the bloodiest hour of the battle. 9.500 soldiers dies in a matter of 50 minutes. 

another area of "The Angle". Union soldiers crouched along this stone wall, looking across the battlefield, waiting for the confederates. 

a long line of monuments of the Union side. 

Unfortunately or fortunately we did not experience any paranormal behavior.

(If you are ever in the area I recommend going to check it out, especially with a tour guide. Just think how different our lives could be if the the Confederate Army was successful at Gettysburg.)

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