Monday, October 10

Lucky & Dior Pretty Party

This weekend was pretty awesome. Thanks to my partnership with Lucky, I was invited to host a Lucky & Dior Pretty Party for myself and 10 guests. While the final guest count ended up lower than that, I still had a blast. I got to meet some local bloggers for the first time, Faith and Lindsay, and spend a girls night with some of my close friends, Anne and Stephanie. It was a night of make-up, shopping, and delicious cupcakes.

Dior Counter, Tysons Corner Bloomingdales. 

Faith, Anne, Lindsay, and Stephanie

A small army of Dior experts were there to walk us through the importance of good skincare products and to help us perfect the smokey-eye look. I was the model and while it looks like I was not enjoying myself in the following picture, do not be fooled, I loved every minute of it.


Lindsay getting her eyes did

Right before lips, we enjoyed some delicious cupcakes from Cakelove in DC. (They were amazing... so so amazing.)

mmm.. cupcakes

full kabuki

Finally, at the end we headed down to the counter for a little subsidized* shopping courtesy of Lucky. While I easily could have walked away with everything if there was no budget or SSF to go home too, I limited myself to their serum and eye cream. A total change of direction from what I pictured myself buying before the night began. (I was thinking mascara and maybe foundation).

You: "But Grace, you're too young for eye cream"
Me: "You are never too young for eye cream! Prevention ladies, prevention."


Long story short, it was a freaking blast.
Thanks to all that attended and of course to Lucky and Dior for making it possible!

How was your weekend?

*full disclosure: Lucky provided myself and each guest with a gift card that could be used only at the Dior counter. This gift did not in anyway influence my decision or perception of this event. 

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