Friday, January 27

Crazy or Brilliant: Handbag Renting

I'm going to need your opinion on this. Bag renting has always intrigued me. So when  stumbled across this article on Yahoo titled "10 Things You Should Rent Instead of Buy" I had a feeling handbags would be on the list, and they sure were, in the number three spot no less.

Call me old fashion but I don't really like to give something like a dress or a handbag back once I've paid for it. We've all heard of Bag Borrow or Steal. Its a genius business plan and as part of the nouveau frugal I love the idea of saving money on things items that are for the most part out of my league, but beyond that I don't think you would ever catch me renting a bag. . While I would love to be spotted about town with my Chanel bag in tow lets be real here for just one minute. If you are willing to spend $225/month to rent a designer bag (that's $2700/year for repeat offender, btw), don't you think you should just find one bag you love and invest in it? Wouldn't you feel better knowing that the beautiful bag slung over your shoulder is 100%  yours and doesn't come with a monthly payment. I couldn't even imagine what SSF would say about that! Imagine his surprise seeing "bag rental" in between BG&E and Sallie Mae.

On the other hand, renting gives you the ability to change your mind without the risk of buying into a bag that you don't use as often as you thought you would. It also gives access to bags that I couldn't afford in my wildest dreams (ahem, this one)

I still think SSF would kill me though.

 What's your take?

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