Tuesday, January 24

Smart Home: Jewelry Box Refresh

jewelry box b4_after

I've had this jewelry box since college. There is nothing particularly special about it but for some reason I never want to let it go. And why would I? It's a perfectly good jewelry box. So without even realizing it (until Saturday) I've taken to updating the thing every few years to reflect my current style.

During college, it was a decoupage of great memories...concert tickets, pictures, my idols. Then after moving with SSF it was repainted  to the dark brown color you see. Now, its something a little more modern.

Total Cost: $0

I used some craft supplies I already had around the house including:

Acrylic Paint
Painters Tape
Leftover Fabric
Fabric Glue

Even if you didn't have all of this stuff laying around I couldn't imagine it costing more than $10-$15.

first.pptm [Autosaved]
second.pptm [Autosaved]
third.pptm [Autosaved]

And... done! I'm obsessed with how it turned out.

What did you do this weekend?

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