Sunday, January 22

SSF- What About Me?

I've asked SSF to be a little a more vocal around here and share his view on everything from our finances to our wedding. Here is his first, and hopefully not last post. Enjoy!

SSF here. 

Hey, it’s hard to argue that all eyes won’t be on my beautiful soon-to-be bride at our wedding.  When she’s walking down the aisle (beach), I will be up at the altar, the afterthought of everyone in attendance.  Every groom knows this, every groom understands this, and every groom accepts this.  Which is fine.  As a low-key kind of guy, that’s actually the way I’d prefer it.  Still, when we’re standing up there together, and people’s eyes eventually make their way over to me, I want them to say, “Gee, that’s a handsome guy she’s marrying” and not, “Gee, what a slob.”

Of course it won’t be like that, I know.  But lately I’ve been stressing about how I’m going to look on my wedding day, and how my groomsmen will look as well.  I’ve been searching for ideas, scavenging the internet (like, all of it), flipping through catalogs, and taking suggestions.  I’ve decided I don’t want to go down the traditional path of renting the black tux.  I want a look that fits with our beach wedding, but isn’t overly casual, that is also unique and different. 

So I decided to do a post that shows some of the looks that I’ve found that I’m into.  Feel free to leave your thoughts, or any ideas/suggestions you might have.

This is probably the look that I envisioned when I first started thinking about my wedding suit.  I like the plaid with the tan suit. It’s different than the traditional plain old white button down shirt that seems to accompany every suit.  A simple Google search of beach weddings show plenty of guys in tan suits with their white shirts, and I want to divert from that norm.  I like the bit of color-pop the plaid offers, as it dresses up the tan suit.  That said, the combination still feels like p.76 out of the JCrew catalog, so I’m not sure I’m getting the uniqueness I want.

I’ve been feeling the grey suit lately, but I’m not sure if it is beach-y enough.  I like the contrast in colors a grey suit would give me.  In the picture above, the yellow and blues really stand out.  I feel I could have some fun creating a more personalized look.  If I were to go with a grey suit, I’d probably want a lighter shade of grey, like this:
(Like the grey, but definitely not feeling the linen suit.)

Love this look.  The skinny ties with the suspenders are how I envision my groomsmen.  Plus this might be the lighter shade of grey I’m looking for.  The casualness of the look also lends itself well to our laid back beach wedding.  The shoes and no socks are also a perfect touch.  Love, love, love. 

So that’s a taste of where I’m at as a future groom.  I’ve got ideas that seem to be all over the place, and it’s getting close to the time where I need to start narrowing down some options.  Sheesh, who knew planning a wedding would be so stressful? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  How would you like your beach groom to look?   


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