Monday, January 9

Smart Fashion: Making Do


Early last week there was a brief chill in the air. It lasted about 30 seconds (or 3 days, but who's counting?) and then it went right back to near 60 degrees. This is seriously the most mild winter I've ever experienced. SSF is totally bummed. Snow is one of the things that both him and his students look forward to.

Anyway, Once the cold weather hit I was dying to wear something furry, anything furry. Buying was not an option. I considered one of my cats but then settled for the next best thing, a detachable hood-liner. I swear as I ripped it from its normal home I heard Tim Gunn saying "make it work".

And so I did, or tried to. A broke girls got to do what a broke girls got to do.

PS. the cats loved it.



Outfit Details: 
Shirt: Urban Outfitters:  $15
Pants: Lands End Canvas c/o Lucky
Boots: MIA via DSW: $79
Belt: thrifted: $4
Total: $98 

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