Wednesday, January 4

Smart Home: Linen Closet Makover

After making my New Year's Resolution to "build a beautiful home" it didn't take me long to decide on my first project... the linen closet. I don't have a before picture.. but imagine it looked like this:

what's cuter than a cat sitting in messy linen closet?
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Now it looks like this...



True Story.

Total Cost: $23.50
What I got: 3 (pretty) baskets to corral our baby stockpile. 

Coming up with this idea was not the hard part.   I mean, all you have to do is search "linen closet" on pinterest and you will find plenty of organization ideas. The hard part is getting the right price.

Luckily Michael's made it easy. They are currently running 50% off their entire stock of baskets.
Other great places to check for discounted baskets are goodwill or thrift stores, Hobby Lobby, and even ebay.

Happy Birthday SSF (his birthday was on Monday), I cleaned the closet. Consider this my gift to you.

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