Wednesday, February 22

Meet Erin, and a Giveaway!

I'm back again this week (2 days in a row!) and I come bearing gifts. But first you have to meet Erin. 

Who is Erin? 

Erin is the brains behind LA based company Bag Beautiful. Bag Beautiful is a line of shapers and covers designed to keep your bags in perfect condition while not in use. I have to tell you, as a lover of handbags,  I think this is brilliant. Dust covers are nice and all, but they don't exactly prevent leather from creasing. The best part though, is how reasonably priced they are (only $16 for the largest one!).  

Erin was a good sport and agreed to answer some questions. 

1. Tell us about yourself-- where are you from? What did you do before starting Bag Beautiful?
I have been in Los Angeles in for 16 years and before that I have lived all over the US and Europe. Before Bag Beautiful, I worked in the fashion industry as an apparel and accessories designer.

2. What inspired you to create Bag Beautiful?
I collect handbags, and my favorite bags were always getting squished and damaged in my closet. I figured out that there has to be an easy solution to remedy this, and after some experimenting, Bag Beautiful was born!

3. How does it work?
It's so easy! Just take your favorite bag that needs a little love, then insert the shaper, and put the cover bag over your handbag. Your bag is now protected and ready to be stored in your closet until its used next.

4. You are a "self-proclaimed handbag addict", if you had to pick a favorite, which would choose.....? Why?
So hard since there are so many! I would have to say the Hermes Kelly Bag, it's so classic and you can use it for a star studded event, or simply going to the market. Either way, you're going to look good.

5. Name 5 things in your bag right now that you can't leave the house without.
I always have so many things in my bag, but the top 5 are my iPhone, earphones (need my music at all times!), cosmetic case (for touch-ups on the go), a bottle of water (got to keep hydrated!), and a protein bar.... lots of meetings means lunches get replaced with conference calls.

6. What is you best/favorite money-saving tip. 
Two words. Sample. sale. Subscribe to your favorite brand's email newsletters to find out when your favorite designers will be selling their collections at steep discounts. 

7. Go ahead and brag, what's the best deal you've ever gotten on a bag?
A few years ago, I ran into a major after holiday sale at Jimmy Choo.... this gorgeous black leather satchel was %50 off! It's been a staple of my closet ever since. 

And now, the Giveaway. 

Erin is giving away one medium Bag Beautiful shaper & cover to a lucky Money Smart Fashion reader. (US Resident Only). 

It's super easy to enter, just enter your name and e-mail below (or login with facebook). You have two options available for entries. Giveaway closes Thursday March 1st. 

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