Sunday, January 24

The Mission Grill

SSBF and I were up in Philly this weekend to visit one of my very good friends from high school and her fiance. We went to check out the Home Show and then went to dinner and this trendy little place called the Mission Grill on Arch Street (delicious and dangerous Sangria pictured above), just on the outskirts of the historic district. I fully intended to take some pictures of my outfit because I totally loved it...

But before we could even get there though we had some serious drama. You see on Friday morning our refrigerator started making some weird noises. Long story short we paid some guy $70 to tell us that the compressor had about 2 weeks left in it and we basically were better off just purchasing a new fridge.

Ugh. Seriously?

So Saturday morning went a little something like this.. Wake up early to go grocery shopping, Refrigerator guy comes, stays 5 minutes and makes $70. SSBF and I drive halfway to Home Depot prepared to buy a fridge. On the way there we remember we bought a home warranty that covers appliances. We turn around (in hopes of saving $1000 or more) SSBF calls warranty company. They tell us that they will only replace it when its dead. (bullshit) So we run back to Home Depot only to find out that our galley kitchen is too narrow to house one of the beautiful bottom drawer freezers we both want and have to settle ( an $900 compromise) on a standard fridge.

All before 1pm. By that time SSBF was in no mood to snap a few photos so we left.

I promise I will re-enact the outfit soon. In the mean time know that it involved this new Faux Leather beaut from Express (that I snagged on sale for $27.98! and these Jessica Simpson Ciera booties)

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