Tuesday, February 9

Totally Obsessed

Move over Jaspe... I found a new gray knit to lust over.

This gray cowl neck vest number in Shop Bop's "Ultimate Closet" lookbook. Ok I'll be honest I am coveting just about every thing in there, down to the brown (perfect for spring) western-style ankle boots. Here's the kicker though, you can shop the entire collection... EXCEPT the vest.

What a cruel cruel trick Shop Bop.

Now if you took the time to check shop bop out, or are already familiar with them, you know that all of these items are pretty much out of my price range. I can guarantee you though I will be scouring for identical items with a lower price tag. My must have list just doubled in size.

Now, I realize this is there winter edition, and I should probably be looking ahead to spring/summer but with 2 feet of snow on the ground it hard to think of lightweight spring fabrics. Plus, a lot of these items are great transition peices for those slighty colder spring mornings and nights.

Now the only probably is, I need to know who that vest is by. Yes it is probably pricey, But a good investment piece (as should any sweater be).

Ugh, can anyone help me?

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