Saturday, June 5

Army Green and Flowers




Today was one of those days where I thought these pictures were never going to happen even though I really wanted them too. For the first time ever I actually planned this outfit ahead of time. It's been stewing in my head since Wednesday and somehow I waited two whole days to wear it. Then of course the weather decides not to cooperate. It was hot and the air was thick (with humidity). For the sake of this blog though I wore the jacket anyway. Which to think of it worked out because my office is an icebox.

Then just as SSBF and I were getting ready to take some photos it started to rain and my batteries died! With no replacements in the house SSBF was nice enough to drive me over to the grocery store (aww). I must say SSBF was a stand-up guy tonight and of course I was over critical of his picture taking. Sorry baby!



I love how I look like a deer caught in the headlights in these pictures. As if I didn't know I was going to have my picture taken. Anyway, I've never been a dress kind of girl but lately I have been enjoying the ease of throwing one on in the morning and feeling both less stressed and perfectly appropriate for work. My favorite part is this is the other side of the reversible dress I bought from Target. See how else I styled it here and here.

What do you guys have in store for the weekend? I will be doing some homework, some cleaning, and maybe some tennis? Exciting right?

I hope you don't mind I refer to you all as "guys". I just realized I do it often. I think it's my Philadelphia roots. Everyone up there is a "guy" or "guys".

Have a good weekend!

Jacket, J.Crew
Dress, Target
Sandals, Steve Madden via Piperlime
Jewelry, Various


  1. cleaing, hiking, furniture building & tennis ... not to different a few thousand miles away

  2. I couldn't love this more. An army green jacket with florals? Ah, perfect! And those shoes are amazing! xo

  3. sooo jealous of this floral dress it's awesome. I am still in search of my perfect floral companion... any suggestions?

    Ripped Nylon

  4. I am in love with that jacket! It goes really well with something girly like a floral dress.

  5. Reversible dress? I've got to have it! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love army green and florals, great pairing! Those shoes are awesome, too.

    And I never realized that not everybody calls groups of people "guys" until I went away to college and people pointed this fact out to me. They also seemed disturbed that I began or ended most sentences with "yo," which I think is also a big indication of being from the Philly area.

  7. I love this outfit! Cargo jacket look great with floral!


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