Wednesday, June 16

two things I know are certain

First, I have officially paid off my second to last credit card for $2701! Woo! It was very exciting to log onto the bank website and see $0.00 as my balance. This credit card has been haunting me for a long time. You see that balance had originated on my very first credit card. It was from my bank in Michigan. When I moved to Maryland and I opened an account here I had the balance transferred to a new card that came with a 0% intro rate.

My goal was to pay off that card while the rate was still zero. However that never happened and after 3 years of my balance hovering around 3,000 I was sick of it. See my problem with paying down debt is that I don't make it a priority. Shoes, clothes, handbags, those are my priorities which makes paying down a debt a lengthy process for me.

Here is the catch though. I used money from my student loan refund to do it. Technically,I'm not in any less debt then I was. So what's the point? Well, student loan debt, especially federal loans, come with a much smaller price tag in terms of interest then a typical credit card. By paying my credit cards off I am "saving" money on my interest payments.

My next goal is to tackle my remaining Visa card with the largest balance of them all, $7200. Sadly enough that card at one point carried a balance of over $11,000. I have been slowly chipping away at it over the years but now that the rest are paid off it is time to get rid of this thing for good! I'm currently crafting a plan of attack that will maximize how much I pay towards the card while still appeasing SSBF by taking on more of our monthly expenses.

Secondly, this is going to be a whole other challenge now that Madewell has launched it's online shop. The only thing that has kept me from buying everything in this store in the past was the fact that I had to go the the busiest mall (Tyson's Corner) I've ever seen to get it. Now it's all within reach. And with looks like this, how do I resist?

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  1. I am at the point you must have been a few years back with double digit credit card debt...and on multiple cards, yikes. Just seeing that you've been able to pay things down gives me hope.

    So be strong and resist! I'm sure you'd never let things get out of hand like you did before, but Madewell can make a girl do strange things.

  2. Gorgeous pieces from Madewell! Congrats on paying off the credit card! XOXO, Natalya


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