Monday, February 14

These are not my best pictures

2.12 (7)

2.12 (10)

2.12 (8)
shirt & sweater: Gap
pants: J.Crew
boots: Aldo
jacket: Express

I will be the first to admit that these are not my best pictures but to be fair there were extenuating circumstances. You see, SSF and I were running out the door on our way up to Philly for the day, it was windy, and SSF didn't want to mess up his perfectly coiffed hair. As a result, most of my pictures involved goofy faces, bad light, or some whacky combination of the two. I'm sorry, you'll live though right? Thought so. 

Can I tell you I am feaking excited. The temperatures are going to be creeping up here in the Maryland over the course of the week (like possible 60's on Friday). Yesss! In an act of premature celebration I brought out my cropped twill pants from J.Crew. Probably not my best choice for Saturday, the wind went right through them. brr. By the way, I almost forgot today was Valentines Day. Which is a great segway into my next point- SSF and I don't really celebrate it. We have nothing against. It's just kind of eh for us. My best friend Anne and her fiance don't really either. So instead of getting all couply on Saturday the four of us hit up a BYOB place outside of Philly called Fayette Street Grill for some drinking and delicious food. Followed by "America's Cutest Cat" on Animal Planet. Seriously. I can't even make this stuff up.

But what about you? Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Do you have big plans?

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