Monday, April 25

Simple Stripes

simple stripes (28)

simple stripes (23)

simple stripes (4)
top and jeans: gap, sandals: gap outlet (big difference)
 I will be the first one to say it, this outfit isn't exactly novel. In fact its actually quite simple which is what made it ideal for a morning stroll on the beach with SSF. Seriously, how could I not where nautical stripes to the beach. Too obvious a connection? Does that make it cliche? I had to keep it casual last week (twist my arm) because the Outerbanks is not exactly the place where people are getting all dressed up and heading out. Actually, even in this I think I was overdressed but I digress.. let's talk about the good stuff, like the fact that I picked up those sandals for a cool $6 at the Gap outlet. Not bad right? My goal in life is to take the concept of extreme couponing to shopping for clothes. One day you will see me on TLC going " all of this stuff would have cost me $1237.68 but I only paid $11.23". That's the dream people.

In other great news I think SSF and I have found us a team of coordinators for the wedding. I'm really looking forward to working with these women. They know the obx event scene in and out and are genius at throwing parties on a teeny tiny budget. I just know they are going to be amazing but I will go in to details later on this week.

Finally, since I threw it out there on Friday, check out SSF in his new duds.. isn't he adorable? He picked it all out himself. I'm a lucky girl. (Yes, I am bragging and he is going to kill me when he sees this) Now, tell me how your weekend was and of course brag a little about your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance/husband etc. Everyone deserves a chance to gush.

simple stripes (25)

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