Monday, May 30

Almost Midway Through the New Year Resolutions

Forget New Years Resolutions and say hello to June ones.

I don't know how to explain it, but lately I've been in a weird place financially. I've been feeling kinda blah.  I have goals for myself, like saving for the wedding, paying off my car note and student loans, building an emergency fund... but they just exist. Every paycheck a set amount is transferred from checking to savings automatically. It doesn't feel like enough.You see paying off my credit card debt demanded more time from me. It required me to always think about how I would make that extra payment or the quickest way to pay a card off. My goals now are much more "set it and forget it".

It wasn't until recently I realized I was missing that "rush" you get from doing something better, or faster, or cheaper than you have ever before. I like to feel like I am winning. I think that's why I've really bought in to the couponing mentality. Going to the grocery or Target and walking out with way more stuff than your total spend would convey is exciting. It's still not enough. Not only do I want to be saving money on everyday things I want to be making money too.

So with that I've finally settled on a new financial goal for myself: Save or earn an additional $100 every month.

It doesn't sound like much, but after awhile $100 starts to add up and hopefully as I learn to get better $100 turns into $200 and $300... etc. With that said over the weekend I've added a few items to my shop and up and moved the whole thing over here. I will be updating as much as possible and including some of SSF's things. As I mentioned earlier 30% of my proceeds will still be going to Last Chance Animal Rescue.

Have you made any new financial goals lately? Have you kept up with the ones you made in January?

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