Tuesday, May 31

You probably know where I'm going with this

orange crush (4)

orange crush (6)

orange crush (2)
shorts: cut from gap jeans, top & flippies: old navy; hat: target;

If you live anywhere near the eastern half of the United States you definitely know where I am going with this. It is freaking hot out. Seriously. As a personal style blogger I will tell you right now if you have been wearing more than a tank and shorts/skirt or a dress you are insane. It sounds harsh, but think about it.

Did you have a good weekend? Me too. Well, except for the part when SSF and I had to take Chloe to the vet because she vomited 10 times that day. She's fine now but $400 later, we don't even know what caused it. The Vet said it could be irritable bowel which would need to be diagnosed after several (expensive) tests.  I think it's a gluten intolerance. I guess we'll see who's right, me or Dr. Know-it-all.

Other than that it was all good, I picked up this tank at Old Navy for whopping $5, I got to wear the hat the SSF's hates and I ate steak. If that's not a good weekend I don't know what is.

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