Sunday, June 19

Coupon Sunday: Retail Style

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I don't' know about you but when I think about coupons I generally think about grocery coupons. After all they seem to be the most prevelant kind, but we both know there are plenty of other coupons out there to help us save money. My favorites are the ones that help me save money on clothes.

One brand you can always count on for coupons is Victoria's Secret. I always seem to be getting mailers for "a free panty" or "$10 off your purchase". Back in the beginning of May I got a mailer that had both of those coupons in there. Normally, I would just toss the thing in the recycling, but fresh on the couponing bandwagon I held on to it. Free undies are free undies, no?

So a couple weeks ago I ventured to the mall to retrieve my free undies. It's always a gamble with these coupons because who knows if you will actually like it but I had to see for myself. As I was saying, I went in and after some hardcore searching located my freebie. It turns out, I liked them a lot. It also turns out they were also on sale, 5 pairs for $25.50 and it just so happened I was in desperate need of new undies anyway ( is that tmi?) so I took advantage. I was able to use both coupons and score 6 pairs of VS undies for $16.43 after tax. That is $2.74 per pair! Not bad for an item that usually retails for $7.50-$8.50/per pair. That's a savings of $25.97 including tax.

Spending less than my savings =Winning.

What's been your best clothing coupon win?

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