Friday, July 29

Why Not?

Why not end a week that started with a 6 figure confession with a list of things I am completely obsessing over? That's just who I am. Lucky for me, just looking doesn't cost money.

My next project.. turn our old gross blinds into beautiful roman shades with this super easy diy. Anyone know where to get good fabric?

Home-State Pride

I saw this necklace from Maya Brenner over on Pretty Shiny Sparkly and was a woman obsessed with state "pride" necklaces. Another affordable version is available (without the diamond) but made from recycled materials at Kris Nations Jewels (Ahem, SSF, family.. my birthday is quickly approaching...)

White Jeans

I am a laggard and a skeptic on white pants, but they appear to be what my closet is missing. Now if only I could trade in one of my million other pairs of jeans for white ones.

Leather Riding Boots
Source: None via Grace on Pinterest

Yes I know it's the middle of summer. Let's just saying I'm looking ahead (for once).


There will be maps in the wedding. Believe you me.


No seriously. It's been too long since I've actually had my haircut that I dream about it!

Wedding Pictures

Anyone else take style me pretty breaks at work? Yes?

I use Pinterest for sucking hours out of my day,  join me?

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