Monday, August 15

Comfort Clothes are my Comfort Food



tank: target, jeans: martin & osa, hoodie: under armour; shoes: old navy.

This weekend I was stressed out. Luckily, these pictures were taken on Friday so you can hardly tell. I was feeling the pressure of getting a paper done for my final. Well, my portion of the paper for our final. Got to love group work. I can't believe my summer class is almost over. Do you know what that means? Summer is almost over! Already! Sheesh.

I don't know if I have much about this outfit, besides the fact that I wore it a majority of the weekend. There is just something comforting about a hoodie and jeans. Oh and that side pony was permanently affixed to my head Friday through Sunday.

Sometimes you just got to do what's right.

Did you have a good weekend?

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